5 Common Reasons That Can Cause Hip Pain In Women

Avoiding pain in the hip area can be dangerous as it can be due to something that is not worth thinking much while at times it can be something that is too much serious also. Maximum of the times, hip damage and hip pain related problems take place in women.

If you are facing such an issue and you visit a medical expert, the first question that he or she will shoot you is that in which area you are experiencing the pain or the discomfort. Again the expert may come up with other questions such as when is the pain severe, the most and many others based on which in can be understood that what the major cause of the pain is.

Here are some of the common reasons that may lead to hip pain in women.


The most common reason that women may face is arthritis. This happens due to overworking of the joints and hence this can cause damage in the sockets of the hip. If you are facing arthritis, you may feel a severe pain in the groin area or in the thigh front. If you are facing such issue, then this can be the time to search for hospitals and also the total hip replacement in India.

Fractures In Hip

Now fractures can happen either due to accidents or also in the case of the oldies. If you are having trouble in straightening up your leg or in doing some other movements, then this can be possibly a fracture in your hip area.  A proper scanning is required to exactly which area of the hip has got the fracture so that proper treatment can be done.

Bursitis And Tendinitis

There can be times, especially in case of sportspersons that the tendons attached to the hip joints can get damaged. The tendons may get inflamed due to the damage and tear and hence they can cause pain. Many times this pain is mistaken as fracture and hence proper scanning of the area are necessary to know the exact root cause before acting upon the medical process.


Another common problem that often happens in women is the problem of hernia. The pain is in the groin area and often this can be confused with arthritis. Pregnancy can be said to be one of the most common times when a woman can suffer from this problem as because the weight of the baby may cause pressure on the walls and hence can cause such pain and hernia related issues.

Gynecological Issues

Many times pregnant women suffer from back pain and also a pain in their hip area. This is because of the pressure exerted by the growing foetus. Such pain remains for a temporary time period and may go away slowly after the delivery of the baby.

Often today, whenever a woman suffers from pain in the hip, the first thing that comes up is about hip replacement cost India. But it has to be understood that the hip pain can also happen due to some other reasons and hence it is important to get the reasons diagnosed well before coming at any conclusion,

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